Island Time


Island Time Guide Book (2021 Summer Edition) We have curated a guidebook especially for our guests. Here’s an excerpt: Island Time, an Introduction Some say that a vacation starts the moment you make the booking. It exists in your mind as a time apart – an escape from the demands of everyday life. Perhaps that’s why the road to Point Judith, where the Block Island ferry leaves from, is called “The Escape Road.” (Yes, that’s its real name.) While any vacation is an escape – a time set apart – an Island vacation is something more. It is time set apart, in a place that is, itself, set apart. And that, I think, is what makes time on the Island so magical. Let me explain. Block Island is 13 miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean. The air is different, cooler. The pace is different, slower. And the Island itself – with its magnificent birds and wildlife, vibrant sunrises and sunsets, green fields and sandy beaches that sprawl uninterrupted for miles – enchants visitors and locals alike. The Island evokes in us an altered way of being. This altered state is often referred to as being on “Island Time.” To download the guide, click here.